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Activities : Zinkwazi Beach

Zinkwazi Beach, edged by forested coastal dunes, spills from the car park into an enthralling collection of tidal rock pools of life; from coral and kelp to urchins and a myriad multi-coloured fish. Golden sands, only occasionally interspersed by black , sedimentary rocks, stretch endlessly to the North and South.

The sea off the swimming beach is equipped with shark nets and life savers are on duty during busy seasons, making swimming completely safe. Alternatively you can also float lazily in the calm waters of the lagoon, which is the preferred area of the smaller kids. The free Ferry Boat ride 500m across the lagoon (subject to water level) will also take care of all those umbrellas and cooler boxes. With a light northeasterly prevailing, there are long rideable waves - usually breaking left, across the crescent shaped sand spit in front of the lagoon mouth. The beach is habitually deserted and, apart from a few fishermen, there is little to disturb the serenity as the sea spray touches the unique stands of subtropical vegetation that nestle between the vast sugar estates and the blue of the sea.

Whale and dolphin watching is another leisurely pastime on the beach, or you can arrange to see them up close by ski-boat. A ski-boat launch site provides deep sea fishermen with easy ocean access.



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